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To maintain your cat’s claws, there’s nothing better than providing them with a scratching tower. The  scratching trunk – Several colors – 62cm is the accessory for your cat that will allow you to redirect its scratches.

The cat loves to scratch either against a tree but very often, especially when he lives in an apartment or in an enclosed place, on your furniture. Thus, the  scratching trunk – Several colors – 62cm allows him to reproduce his scratches as if he were scratching a real tree in the middle of nature. Using a scratching post is thus a way to allow him to make a very natural gesture in cats. Especially since the post of this scratching tower is very long (60cm).

The NOUKI scratching trunk – Several colors – 62cm is made up of a floor grip tray all in plush for softness. In addition, offers you the choice between 4 trendy colors: the very chic black, the light gray Scandinavian, the neutral beige and the very flashy but girly pink. The scratching post itself is made of sisal, the material par excellence recommended to allow cats to maintain their claws.
– Trunk to scratch for cat
– Reproduces the feeling of scratching in nature
– Available in 4 colors to customize according to your desires
– Ideal to help your cat maintain its claws
– In sisal
– Total dimensions: 30 x 30 x 62cm


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