Toy Brain Train Board 3 balls


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This game is a food or treat dispenser to teach your rodent how to get his kibble in a fun way.

The puzzle game is perfect for the rodent who is bored and who does not know how to fill his day… By stimulating them mentally, it is possible to entertain his rodent and ensure his happiness. The best way is to give them an occupation. And the best solution to motivate your rodent to work is to use food.

This natural wooden educational toy for rodents allows them to search for treats with their paws or snout under the removable wooden balls.

Thus, he learns to search for his food while playing.

Brain Train Board rodent toy
Natural wooden intelligence toy with 3 marbles to motivate your rodent to search for treats or food while having fun
A healthy occupation in all seasons
Dimensions: 30cm x 15cm


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