Self-groomer and massager for cats


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Do you want to combine business with pleasure? Here is the ideal cat object.
The cat toy is 2 in 1: it is a self-groomer AND a cat massager.
The self-grooming side is ensured thanks to the hairs present on the arch. The cat can thus rub it with pleasure and he will be able to take advantage of it to brush himself and evacuate his dead hair.
In the same way, the arch also assures him a gentle massage as he rubs against it. The base of the arch is very soft and lends itself easily to rolls or naps. Catnip (included) is placed under the arch to enhance the attractiveness of the toy.
In addition, you can have in a space dedicated to this purpose the catnip included in your product. Thus, your cat will quickly adopt its new Easy Brush cat self-groomer and massager.
Size: 36 x 28.5 x 37cm
– Non-slip feet
– Very attractive thanks to the small bag of catnip included
– Cleans easily with a vacuum cleaner


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