Parrot and Bird Leather Toy with Hanging Rope


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Non-toxic, brightly colored, will attract parrot’s attention. Great toy for small parrots and other birds This toy allows the parrot to climb and bite. Made of pet-safe materials, 100% safe and non-toxic.  Give your pet a treat and have hours of fun watching it play, fits most cages. . Provides birds with a fun elevated place to swing, chew, climb, Perfect for parrot, parakeet, cockatiel, lovebird, budgies, African gray cockatoo, amazon , etc. Environmentally friendly material. Exquisite and fun. The parrot also needs a toy to play with when he is bored. Hanging from the cage with a hook.
Shipping from China by express airmail, Usually the package will be delivered within 10-12 days after shipment, with guaranteed quality, fast receipt and efficient after-sales service .You can request to return the item without any reason within 14 days following receipt.


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